Our products are unique

Our original core business, Ikigai Shift, inspired Ikigai Imports.  Finding the right products to facilitate our unique training methodology typically resulted in creating a modified piece of equipment. This put us on a search to find the best equipment to run our business and we are excited to bring these world-class, industry-disrupting products to the market in our partner regions.
At Ikigai Imports we are filling the niche that is not being identified and attended to.  Our products are embedded in Neurological, Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal physiology to provide optimal training and rehabilitation solutions for the Allied Health, Pilates and Fitness industries.
When combined, the product range provides end-to-end assessment and training solutions to find your clients' limitations and provide optimal training outcomes.  
We offer full design and implementation planning, great after-sales service and 25 years of industry experience to set you up for success in your business.

Our Products



REAXING is a philosophy of life and an innovative training methodology based on a patented technology.



Reaxxer is at the forefront of innovation in the world of fitness and performance training. 



Neuroflex ® measures and monitors the impact of a head knock using eye and head tracking virtual reality technology.



We design, engineer, and manufacture innovative performance equipment to provide you with state of the art  performance equipment.



The consistent use of the Idiag P100 promises a dramatic improvement in respiratory muscle strength and overall physical performance capacity.



Korr is the leader in metabolic rate and VO2 testing equipment to help athletes achieve their goals.